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      Labor Commissioner Judgments


Labor Commissioner Judgments

Do you have a

California Labor Commissioner Judgment

 that has not been enforced by the State? 


Tired of waiting for the

State Labor Commissioner to attempt to collect it?


We have an 83%

Enforcement success rate!


California Labor Judgment Enforcement has an Enforcement Team consisting of Licensed Private Investigators, Experienced Legal Support Staff, Registered Process Servers, along with our retained California Licensed Attorneys, that will take an 'Assignment' of your Labor Judgment and Aggressively,  Creatively, and  Effectively  Enforce it!


Why Choose 'California Labor Judgment Enforcement'

to Enforce and Collect your

Labor Commissioner Judgment

rather than the State Labor Commissioner?



When an Order, Decision, or Award (ODA) is in the worker’s favor and there is no appeal, the Labor Commissioner asks the court to enter an Order, Decision, or Award (ODA) as a judgment against the employer.  Plaintiffs who do not try to collect the judgment themselves 'may' assign the judgment to the Labor Commissioner (or anyone else) to enforce your judgment.


You have the right to Assign your Labor Commissioner Judgment to California Labor Judgment Enforcement for Effective and Aggressive Enforcement of your Labor Commissioner Judgment!


California Labor Judgment Enforcement

has an 83% success rate!

The Court gave you a judgment.

Remember, your Judgment is only worth the paper it is written on...

Unless it is collected!


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