California Investigative and Legal Support Services We Serve CSC Daily for $49
California Investigative and Legal Support Services  We Serve CSC Daily for $49

Landlord / Tenant Issues


Landlord / Tenant Final Walk-Through

Have you ever wanted to have a third party assist you with the final walk-through to document the condition of the property with a written report and photographs?  Our licensed Private Investigators are able to assist you.  If necessary, our investigators are available to testify in court.


Background Investigations

So, you have obtained a 'credit report' on your prospective tenant, but it does not show judgments.  Our licensed Private Investigators can obtain judgment information and past addresses which may not be revealed on the credit report or admitted to by the prospective tenant's application.


Court Judgments

Your tenant is gone, damaged your property, and/or owed you back rent.  So you sued and now you have a court judgment...  Now What? 


California Legal Support Services judgment enforcement division, Judgment Enforcement Associates, is here to assist you with the enforcment of your money judgment.




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